Workplace Safety & Health Officers (WSHO)

We have a pool of WSHO with vast experience and knowledge in WSH to assist your company or project.

Our WSH Officer services include the following:

  • Liaise with relevant authorities officers and the advice the company on matters pertaining to workplace safety and health.
  • Conduct safety inspection and WSH audits
  • Recommendation of necessary safety measures and chart out action plan
  • Initiate the necessary arrangement and investigation in case of industrial accident and follow-up action in accordance with the WSH Act.
  • Conduct monthly safety committee meeting
  • Initiate necessary arrangement for workers to undergo the required safety orientation course and other safety related courses.
  • Enhancement of safety awareness through organizing promotional activity.
  • Implementing and monitoring the safety & health management system.
  • Etc…


Workplace Safety & Health Coordinators (WSHC)

Our WSH Coordinator services include the following:

  • Advise the company on matters pertaining to safety and health.
  • Conduct weekly inspection to ensure the compliance of safety requirement and health standards.
  • Recommendation of necessary safety measures and chart out action plan
  • Initiate the necessary arrangements and investigation in case of industrial accident and follow-up action in accordance with the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Work Injury Compensation.
  • Attend monthly safety committee meeting.
  • Initiate necessary arrangement for fellow workers to undergo the required safety orientation course and other safety related course, which conducted by the authorities.
  • Etc…


Environmental Control Officers (ECO)

According to NEA, it is mandatory for construction sites to employ either a part-time ECO if the contract sum of construction works exceed $10million but not exceeding $50million. A full-time ECO is require if construction sum exceed $50 million.

Our professional ECO will:

  • Control disease-bearing vectors and rodents.
  • Develop and submit the Environmental programme.
  • Assist in proper management and disposal of solid waste.
  • Control noise and dust pollution.
  • Carry out general housekeeping management of the project / site.
  • Control drainage and slit, and air and water pollution


Fire Safety Managers (FSM)

We have certified Fire Safety Managers (FSM) to assist you in all fire safety matters as required under SCDF.

Our FSM services include the following:

  • Conduct relevant basic fire safety training to employees and in-house fire fighting team.
  • Implementation of the Fire Emergency Plan (FEP).
  • Formulation of Emergency Response Teams (ERT) and conduct training for the ERT members.
  • Attend to annual fire certification by FSSD.
  • Attend to other agencies e.g. Insurance etc. if required on fire safety matters.
  • Ensuring the maintenance works on the fire protection system are carried out according to FSSD regulation by company contractor.
  • Conduct fire safety inspections within premises.
  • Promote fire safety awareness programme for occupants of the premises.
  • Correspond with FSSD on all matters pertaining to fire safety within the premises.
  • Prepare annual report to FSSD on behalf of client.
  • Conduct annual fire drill for occupants of the premises.
  • Any other duties required by SCDF


Confined Space Safety Assessors

Confined spaces may be the most dangerous work place because confined spaces are poorly ventilated and allow volatile gases, fumes, vapors and other harmful substances to accumulate.

It is crucial to assign a qualified CSSA to conduct a formal check to ensure all safety procedures are in place before attempting to enter or work in a confined space.

Our CSSA provide you with the following service:

  • Carry out gas check and toxic substance
  • Ensure emergency recuse operation is in place
  • Conduct risk assessment for confined space entry
  • Establish entry procedures and Safe work procedures


Scaffold Supervisors

According to WSH Regulations, there is a need to appoint a trained scaffold supervisor to supervise any erection, installation, re-positioning, alteration, maintenance, repair or dismantling of a scaffold in a workplace. We have a group of competent scaffold supervisor to assist you in the operation of scaffold activities


Develop Safety & Health Management System

It is mandatory to develop Safety and Health Management System for the following workplaces listed below:

  • Construction worksite and shipyard
  • Factory engaged in manufacturing of fabricated mental products, machinery or equipments (with >100 employees)
  • Factory engaged in the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers
  • Factory engaged in processing petroleum or petrochemicals products or their intermediates.
  • Premises where the bulk storage of toxic or flammable liquid is carried on by way of trade or for the purpose of gain and which has a storage capacity of 5,000 or more cubic metres.
  • Any factory engaged in the manufacturing of — (a) fluorine, chlorine, hydrogen fluoride or carbon monoxide; and (b) synthetic polymers.

Our consultant have experience in assisting our clients to develop and implement effective safety & health management system to ensure good WSH practices is in place in their organisation.


Preparation of Risk Assessment

Under the WSH (Risk Management) Regulations, every workplace, including factories, should conduct risk assessments for all routine and non-routine works to identify, control and eliminate possible risks.

We help clients to prepare risk assessment for any work activities involved.


Assist in Application of bizSAFE Level 3 & 5

bizSAFE is a 5 step programme aim to help companies build their WSH capabilities. This programme is administered by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC). It recognizes Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for their efforts in managing safety and health hazards in their workplaces / worksites.

Many established corporations have placed bizSAFE certification (mostly Level 3) as a tendering sub-contracting and supplying requirement. Thus, sub-contractors, tenderers and suppliers having bizSAFE certification will have a competitive edge over those who do not.

With effect from November 2010, all sub-contractors, suppliers and tenderers of the Ministry of Manpower are required to have minimum bizSAFE Level 1 certification.

From April 2011, all MOM Approved Crane Contractors (ACC) will be required to attain at least bizSAFE Level 3 before they can renew their certification.

We assist your organisation in achieving bizSAFE milestone (from Level 3 – 5):

For more information on bizsafe, please email or contact us.



Conduct Accident /Incident Investigation

Every year, there are over hundreds accidents occurred at various workplace. When there is any accident/incident, it is crucial to conduct a thorough and effective accident investigation to prevent a similar, or perhaps more disastrous accident to happen again.

We assist company in conducting an in-depth analysis of the accident to identify the underlying root cause, and providing them with solution to prevent recurrence.


Organization of Workplace Safety and Health Promotion Event


In order to build a safe working environment, an organisation must have a culture that supports safety. It is essential to have two-way communication between management and employee on safety and health issues. We organise events to ensure that safety communication flows efficiently within your organisation.

Followings are some mode of communication that we will use to promote safety:

  • Display safety policy
  • Implement safety programme
  • Display posters and safety pamphlets at various locations.
  • Safety video shows
  • Conduct safety talk& briefing
  • Display of newspaper cutting and photographs
  • Etc…